Staircase Slide for the Fun and Lazy

April 16, 2009

stair-slideIf you’re a young kid or a lazy adult, this is something you may want to beg for or tack onto your next renovation project: the staircase slide. It’s basically a slide that parallels a staircase, giving users the option to go old-fashioned and walk down the stairs….or SLIDE down! I think I’ll go for the latter, but it’s too bad you can’t slide up. Credit goes to London architect Alex Michaelis for this genious design.

[Cookie Mag via Neatorama via Bloesem Kids via Gizmodo]


2 Responses to “Staircase Slide for the Fun and Lazy”

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  2. Tim Schroyen Says:

    Tim – niks voor je nieuwe huis???


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